Reiki Offerings

Reiki By Ruth™

Pictured: A.R.E. Summer Reiki sessions, 2015; Amethyst wand and elderberry flowers. Amethyst is a natural stress-relieving gemstone that promotes inner strength and provides a peaceful energy for meditation.  Healing gemstones are used in Ruth's Reiki PLUS sessions.


Reiki Recharge...$45

This is a 45 minute Reiki session for those with limited time but want to stay balanced in their life. Great for someone who wants to enjoy multiple sessions on a regular basis and for those on their lunch hour or right after work to settle into the evening.

One Hour Reiki Session...$60

Enjoy a full 60 minute Reiki session while listening to relaxing music and breathing in aromatherapy. Relax your mind, body and soul. Helps with reducing chronic stress, personal transformation and being proactive in your healthy lifestyle. Also perfect for those undergoing cancer treatment and pre/post surgeries.

Reiki PLUS Session...$65

Reiki PLUS includes the full enjoyment of a One Hour healing Reiki session with the addition of advanced Reiki techniques using crystals and power symbols.

Student Reiki Session...$30

Thirty Minute Reiki Session specifically for teens ages 13-18. Helps to ease anxiety, sadness, or stress. This session will help to rebalance energy allowing them to feel more calm, confident, emotionally balanced, grounded and happier.


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